Innovation Minister Lorer: Decision on North Macedonia Protects Bulgarian Interest

The decision on the issue of the Republic of North Macedonia protects the Bulgarian interest, outgoing Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer said on the morning show of NOVA TV. According to him, the Bulgarian Parliament had to support with a decision the negotiation process of the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania for joining the EU, as a broad consensus is needed on the issue.
The stalemate between Sofia and Skopje is so painful for Bulgaria that it is not right for a small group of people to make a decision on it. Something so important must be a decision of the Bulgarian Parliament, Lorer believes. “No one in Europe understood what we wanted from North Macedonia. We spent six months talking to them about the rights of Bulgarians and the language of hatred. This is a success for Bulgarian diplomacy,” the outgoing minister added.
According to him, the topic was addressed hastily, as the French Presidency of the Council of the EU is expiring, the political configuration in Europe may change, and Bulgaria may never receive such an appropriate proposal again.
Minister Lorer confirmed that the registration of the Continue the Change political party is still in progress and signatures are being collected. “We were not registered last time, but we won the elections. This is a technical step,” Lorer said.  “We are ready for elections,” Lorer assured, adding that the party has not yet decided on the structure and composition of the new cabinet, which CC will have to form on the first exploratory mandate it will receive from the President. He said it was very likely that Kiril Petkov will be designated Prime Minister again.