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Alpha Research: Possibility for Early Elections Shifts Electoral Strata, Seven Parties Likely to Enter Parliament

The sudden withdrawal from the government of the There Is Such a People (TISP) ministers and the cascade of political events that followed in less than a month – the overthrow of Parliament Chair Nikola Minchev, the vote of no confidence in the government, the protests in support of the government, the lifting of the veto on the start of Skopje’s EU membership talks, the expulsion of 70 Russian embassy staffers, the nomination of Assen Vassilev as Prime Minister – put Bulgaria in a de facto pre-election political situation, which significantly changes the dynamics of public and electoral attitudes, according to the latest Alpha research poll. It was a regular quarterly poll conducted between June 25 and July 1 among 1,002 adult respondents. It shows that seven parties are likely to be in the next Parliament.
Here are some of the key trends: The electoral support for GERB and Continue the Change (CC) is getting closer to being equal.
The public opinion is strongly polarized between the options of  the formation of a new Cabinet the current parliament (49.5%) and early elections in autumn (46.7%).
Support for the president is wavering, there is a 7% increase in respondents’ negative assessment and an 8% decrease in their positive evaluations.  /MORE/