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The Weather on July 9-10

Saturday, July 9
Intensive thundery showers in places in Western and Central Bulgaria. The East will have some lighter isolated showers in the afternoon. Light to moderate north-northwesterly wind, strong in the East. Highs: 18C to 20C in the West, up to 30C in the East, 18C in Sofia.
Black Sea coast: Scattered clouds with brief showers in the afternoon. Moderate to strong northerly wind. Highs: 25C to 27C. Seawater temperature: 24C to 26C. Sea waves: 2-3 degrees Douglas.
Mountains: Overcast with thundery showers. Rain will turn to snow at the highest parts of Rila and Pirin. Moderate to strong northeasterly wind.  Highs: 14C at 1,200 m, 7C at 2,000 m.
Sunday, July 10
Showers and thunders but less intense and in fewer places. Moderate north-northwesterly wind, strong in the Danubian Plain and in the East. Highs: 23C to 28C.
Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology