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Harmful Emissions Released by Republika TPP Near Pernik

A systematic release of fugitive emissions from the Republika Thermal Power Plant’s boiler house near Pernik was ascertained by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) in Sofia, RIEW reported on Friday.
After reports of air pollution in the city of Pernik, RIEW experts inspected the Republika Power Plant and found that the harmful emissions are due to cracks, holes, and unsealed sections in the building that hosts the steam generators.
Toplofikacia Pernik, the company that manages the power plant, will be issued two acts for violations of the environmental legislation. Per the Environment Protection Act, the fines could vary between BGN 10,000 and 500,000.
To limit and stop future air pollution, Toplofikacia Pernik was issued two injunctions that must be complied with by July 22 and July 25. In case it fails to do so, additional most stringent measures will be applied, RIEW stated.
The executive director of Toplofikacia Pernik, Chavdar Stoynev, told BTA that repairs to the roof of a boiler house are scheduled for early August. To start the repairs however, the boiler must first be shut down.
A request was filed with RIEW Sofia to have a mobile automatic station positioned in the region, so that the air quality there can be observed.
Since the start of the year, six acts for fugitive emissions have been issued to the Republika TPP with Toplofikacia Pernik. The company had to pay six penal decrees for a total of BGN 261,000, RIEW said.