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150 Cyclists to Take Part in 740 Km Danube Ultra Challenge

A hundred and fifty cyclists from Bulgaria and Romania will participate in this year’s edition of the 740-km Danube Ultra challenge in order to promote the towns and villages near Bulgaria’s northern border and the region as a cycling destination. This big cycling event, which starts on August 25 in Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, will involve a record-high number of municipalities and cyclists.
The route of the challenge follows Bulgaria’s northern border along the Danube River from west to east, and ends in Dourankoulak on the Black Sea, and overlaps the Eurovelo 6 transcontinental cycle route. For most of its part the route is along low-traffic roads which makes it perfect for both experienced and novice riders. 
The challenge will start off on August 26 from the central square of Vidin. The town’s Mayor himself is expected to lead the starting column. 
The ride is not a competition and there will be no rankings. Instead, it is seen as an individual challenge for everyone who takes on the cause to promote more than 110 towns and villages along the Danube and in the Dobroudja region. 
The best-performing cyclists are expected to cover the 740 km of the challenge in less than 48 hours. The main body of riders will need between five and ten days to finish. 
All of the natural and cultural highlights along the route, as well as the full information for the so-called self-guided riding can be found on the specially created mobile app, Dunav Ultra, available for Android and iOS.
The cycling challenge is held with support of the Tourism Ministry and all of the eleven municipalities along the route. The event is among the leading initiatives for the development of tourism along the Danube supported by the America For Bulgaria Foundation. 
More information in English is available at: