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Today’s Observances: July 29

On this date in Bulgarian history:
1014: Byzantine troops defeat the Bulgarian army at the Battle of Belassitsa. By order of Emperor Basil II, some 15,000 Bulgarian soldiers are blinded; one in every 100 men is left with one eye to lead the rest to Tsar Samuel.
1967: A Guild of Arts and Crafts Masters is established in Sofia.
1992: The Bulgarian Association of Travel Agents (BATA) is established.
1998: The 38th National Assembly adopts the Grain Storage and Grain Trade Act, whereby a National Grain Service is set up (since June 12, 2003: National Grain and Feed Service under the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry).
2005: A Balkan Cultural Centre is set up on the initiative of the Balkanica Foundation, which presents a literary award to authors from countries in the region. 
2011: The Arena Armeec multifunctional sports hall opens in Sofia.