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Vazrazhdane: Government’s Term Was Time of No Ideals, Ambitions, Progress and Development

“Stagnation best describes the past eight months, a period with no ambitions, ideals, visible development and progress,” said Vazrazhdane leader Kostandin Kostadinov in a declaration on behalf of the group on the end of the 47th National Assembly.
Kostadinov said the past eight months were a time of illusions, lies, farce and political machinations. “A time of seeming efforts against corruption and in fact a change in the structure of the so called political truncheon, handed unwillingly from the old GERB to the new GERB in the face of Continue the Change, Democratic Bulgaria, BSP and others,” said Kostadinov.
According to him, under this government the poor became poorer, the censorship in the media took on gigantic proportions, goods appreciated by more than 40 per cent, fuel exceeded 3 leva and natural gas appreciated by over 30 per cent.
Kostadinov vowed that when after the elections Vazrazhdane wins majority in Parliament Bulgaria for the first time in 30 years will belong to Bulgarians.