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GERB Ready to Cooperate with Any Formation Supporting Its Six Priorities

GERB party leader and former prime minister Boyko Borissov on Sunday presented six priorities of the formation after the upcoming October early elections, and said that GERB is ready to cooperate with any party which supports these priorities, no matter whether GERB will emerge as the first or second largest political force after the snap poll. 
The six priorities are passage of a law “on 100% diversification from Gazprom” and a long-term agreement on supplies of liquefied natural gas; cap on a price of motor fuel at 2.70 leva per litre; signing an agreement with the Unites States on delivery of eight more F-16 aircraft; 100% diversification from Russian nuclear fuel and nuclear power-generating facilities, including construction of new ones, other than Russian; stoppage of the “tortures” with electricity prices; a genuine legal reform. 
Borissov argued that GERB will have “59 MPs minimum” in the next Parliament and will be either the biggest or the second-biggest parliamentary force. He said he GERB are ready to extend a hand to anyone who supports its demands. 
Later in the day Continue the Change said in a Facebook post: “Only when we have a free and independent prosecution service and Mr Borissov is held accountable, Bulgaria will have not six, but 600 common points on the future of energy diversification, rule of law and its Euro-Atlantic future.”
Continue the Change added that in the past seven months Borossov “treated his 59 MPs like servants” and that “they did everything to hamper the judicial reform in Bulgaria”.