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Minister Alexiev: Government Resumes Dialogue with Transport Sector

The government’s dialogue with the transport sector has resumed, caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Transport and Communications Minister Hristo Alexiev said on Thursday, emerging from a meeting with representatives of passenger and freight transport organizations. The observation was confirmed by Union of International Hauliers Executive Director Yordan Arabadjiev.
Alexiev said the meeting discussed matters of current importance and possible solutions to stabilize the sector as well as ways to cut fuel prices and improve domestic transport connectivity. Taking urgent action to ensure sustainability of road transport services is an important step to guarantee the stability of the national economy, the minister said.
He added that ways will be sought to make toll charges fairer, including by possibly increasing the charges on vehicles transiting Bulgaria. This can be done after carrying out necessary calculations.
Hauliers complained that the toll system leaves out Ukrainian trucks, because it cannot distinguish between the transportation of humanitarian supplies and other kinds of products.