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Today’s Observances: August 6-7

August 6
The world:
– Hiroshima Day. World Day for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons;
– National Day of Bolivia: Independence Day (1825);
– National Day of Jamaica: Independence Day (1962).
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1915: Bulgarian graphic artist Stefan Kanchev is born (dies August 22, 2001). In 1994 he is recognized as one of the world’s ten best masters of logos by the International Trademark Centre in Ostend, Belgium.
2007: Torrential rain swells the Hlebarovska River, which floods the town of Tsar Kaloyan (northeastern Bulgaria). Precipitation totals 291 l/sq m in 24 hours, equal to the country’s semiannual average.
2007: It is announced that a team of astronomers at Lowell Observatory, Arizona, led by Bulgarian Georgi Mandushev, have discovered the largest known planet in the universe, dubbed TrES-4 (in constellation Hercules, 1.7 times the size of Jupiter).
August 7
The world:
– National Day of Cote d’Ivoire: Independence Day (1960).
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1865: First issue of Vremya (newspaper of conservative right wing fighting for independent Bulgarian church) comes out in Constantinople. It rejects Midhat Pasha’s project for mixed schools for Christians and Muslims. Paper is supported financially by Russian Embassy in Constantinople.
1887: Russian Government notifies European powers that it considers Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s election as Prince of Bulgaria to be illegal and asks them not to recognize him.
1981: Bulgaria’s first artificial satellite, Interkosmos Bulgaria 1300 (Interkosmos 22), is launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Soviet Union. It is named after 1300th anniversary of Bulgarian State, which is celebrated that year. Satellite carries Bulgarian-made research equipment.
2007: Second flash flood hits town of Tsar Kaloyan (northeastern Bulgaria), completely destroying more than 15 houses and inundating hundreds of others. Flooding is caused by a ruptured microdam and overflowing Hlebarovska River.