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Today’s Observances: August 9

The world:
– International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (marked since 1995);
– Day of Nagasaki: Anniversary of the atomic bombing (1945);
– National Day of Singapore. Day of the Republic (1965).
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1886: Prince Alexander I of Battenberg is deposed in a coup staged by Russophile officers. The monarch is reinstated on August 17 after a successful counter-coup but is forced to abdicate under pressure from Russia on August 26.
1920: Diplomatic relations established with Hungary (severed September 26, 1944, re-established June 18, 1947, missions upgraded to embassy status  February 13, 1954).
1925: Bulgaria acquires the right to settle freely its foreign trade relations upon the expiry of restrictions under the Treaty of Neuilly.
1962: Diplomatic relations with Tunisia, established on August 30, 1956, are upgraded from legation to embassy status.
2008: The Official Journal of the European Union publishes Commission Regulation (EC) No 875/2008 of 8 August 2008 repealing Regulation (EC) No 1962/2006 which applied safeguard measures in regard to Bulgaria’s civil aviation. Bulgarian aviation is thus recognized as equal to the aviations of the other EU Member States and as satisfying the EU safety requirements.