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Energy Minister: Cabinet Looks at All Options for Gas Supplies, Including Resumption of Gazprom Deliveries

Energy Minister Rossen Hristov Tuesday told bTV that the caretaker cabinet was looking at all options for gas supplies, including a resumption of Gazprom’s deliveries. The cabinet is considering all alternative gas suppliers, said Hristov, adding that if they proved insufficient he would not be the minister to leave Bulgarians in the cold.
In Hristov’s view, the terms Russia has offered Bulgaria are the same as those other EU countries are complying with, meaning that Sofia would not break the EU rules. “We will not accept terms different to those accepted by Germany and other EU countries,” the Energy Minister said. He added that if Bulgaria starts talks with Gazprom, all risks will be addressed so as to ensure steady supplies at an affordable price.
Hristov said the recent protests against a possible resumption of talks with Russia’s Gazprom were part of the campaign for the October 2 general elections.
The caretaker cabinet prioritizes curbing the gas crisis. Hristov said a commitment to long-term contracts would be a task for the next regular government, while the caretaker cabinet would work to meet the domestic requirements until the end of the heating season, ideally, even in 2023.
Household gas bills will not rise by 60% as proposed by public supplier Bulgargaz for August, said Hrisov. The price hike will be tangible for industrial users, while households – which are protected by the regulated market – will feel it through the price surge of goods and services.