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Rhythmic Gymnastics FIG World Challenge Cup: Bulgaria Wins All-Around Team Competition

Bulgaria won the all-around team competition at the Rhythmic Gymnastics FIG World Challenge Cup 2022 in Cluj (Romania) on Saturday. Jenina Trashlieva, Sofia Ivanova, Kamelia Petrova, Rachel Stoyanov, Margarita Vasileva and Radina Tomova scored 66.200 points: 35.400 points for their five hoops routine on Friday and 30.800 points for their three ribbons/two balls routine on Saturday. On Sunday, the Bulgaria team will compete in both finals.
Israel is second with 65.850 points (36.450 five hoops and 29.400 three ribbons/two balls), and Spain is third with 64.700 points (34.350 and 30.350 respectively).
Mexico, France and Brazil make up the top 6 teams.
Seventeen teams and 41 women are competing in Cluj, the last tournament before theĀ 2022 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Sofia on September 14-18.