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Poll: Bulgarians Most Concerned over Rising Prices

Bulgarians’ biggest concern is the rising prices, according to a new poll by Trend agency and 24 Chasa daily. It was taken among 1,007 adult respondent between August 15 and 22 through person-to-person interviews. 40% say the rising prices are the biggest problem facing this country.
Next comes the energy crisis and the dramatic increase of the price of gas, electricity and fuels.
The respondents did not have a list of answers and were free to answer anything. They were allowed to give three answers, which is why the answers add up to more than 100%.
Here are the next biggest concerns among the top 15:
People getting poorer 11% 
Low pay/low incomes and standard of living 9% 
Corruption 9% 
Poor government/incompetence, irresponsibility 8% 
Unemployment 5% 
Political instability 5% 
Economic crisis 4% 
Health care 3% 
The crisis  left behind by the Kiril Petkov government 2% 
Ukraine war and its consequences 2% 
Low pensions 2% 
Migration 1% 
Poor infrastructure 1%