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Sports Minister Lecheva Joins EU Council Discussion on Crisis as Opportunity

On day two of an EU Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council meeting in Brussels, Bulgarian Youth and Sports Minister Vesela Lecheva participated in a discussion on crisis as opportunity for the future development of sports, Lecheva’s ministry reported on Tuesday.
Addressing the meeting, Lecheva said that the energy crisis has brought sustainable solutions in sport to the forefront of public attention. She said: “Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, rising prices of energy resources and inflation, which are a problem for the whole EU, Bulgaria will use money under the approved Recovery and Resilience Plan to invest in raising the energy efficiency of sport facilities. Meanwhile, we are trying to retain the existing jobs in sport as an industry of great economic significance. The COVID-19 pandemic, which affected our entire continent, drove home the message that nothing is more precious than a nation’s health. It can be protected not just through preventive action and quality healthcare, but most importantly through sport and a healthy lifestyle, which is our main mission.”