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Central Election Commission to Grant Access to Voting Machines’ Source Code to Parties that Pass 4% Threshold in General Elections 

Voting conclusively on Election Code amendments on Thursday, Parliament decided to have the Central Election Commission (CEC) grant access to the voting machines’ source code to those parties that have passed the 4% threshold for entering Parliament in the previous general elections. CEC shall also grant access to the electronic system’s documents, all other software tools applicable to the election process, including those for data entry and calculating the election results to persons designated by the parties and coalitions that have surpassed the 4% threshold. 
Among the amendments adopted by the MPs are allowing the eligible parties and coalitions to designate no more than three persons who can access the source code and documents provided by CEC. According to the amendments, access shall be granted no earlier than ten days prior to election day.
The debates on the Election Code revisions continued late into Thursday evening.