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Continue the Change to Alert National Security Agency about Border Control at Kapitan Andreevo Crossing

Continue the Change will submit an alert at the State Agency for National Security (SANS) in relation to a possible criminal act against Bulgaria’s national security, the party’s press centre reported Sunday. The crime is related to established inactions preventing the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) from protecting its interests regarding the Kapitan Andreevo border control checkpoint. 
The alert will be submitted on Monday morning by MPs Ivan Hristanov, Hristo Daskalov, and Daniel Lorer. 
On October 10, the Council of Ministers decided to declare parts of the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing a national security site. Under that decision, the SANS will check the security passes of all who enter the premises and will introduce specific protection, including information and physical protection.
In late May, the government of Continue the Change terminated the contract with private company Eurolab 2011, which for years had been carrying out the phyto-sanitary control over third-country imports at Kapitan Andreevo. The contract was terminated over suspicions that the contractor was covering up imports that did not meet the standards and failing to report to the Exchequer its income from fees charged for its services. The BFSA took over from Eurolab but in July the Supreme Administrative Court restored Eurolab 2011’s functions as a phytosanitary control services provider.
Commenting on the topic later on Sunday, Continue the Change co-leader Assen Vassilev told Nova TV that what is happening at Kapitan Andreevo is absolutely scandalous. In his words, old schemes that were stopped are being restored, the old leadership is getting reinstated, court costs are not being paid so that the State would be unable to appeal the court decision and Eurolab would win by default.