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Continue the Change’s PM Designate Starts Talks with Political Forces in Parliament

Prof. Nikolay Denkov, the prime minister designate of Continue the Change, is starting talks with the political forces in Parliament. The meeting is scheduled for 11:30 on Friday, the party press centre said. 
On Thursday, after his nomination, Denkov announced that he would invite to talks all parliamentary parties. “We are starting talks with all political forces. The idea is to find out what can unite us. Those of the forces that are ready to support such a government should make a commitment that they will work to implement the policies that we set as priorities for the people,” he said. 
Following the announcement of Nikolay Denkov’s nomination, Democratic Bulgaria confirmed that it would participate in such a meeting to get acquainted with the candidate’s vision for governance and ministerial team. GERB-UDF predicted that his candidacy would fail. Vazrazhdane said it would not go to a meeting with Continue the Change, just as it had not gone to a meeting with GERB-UDF, while BSP for Bulgaria and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms did not comment on the nomination. Bulgarian Rise leader Stefan Yanev said that talks are underway and when there is a result, it will be announced. 
Speaking to bTV Thursday night, Nikolay Denkov said that the government should be made up of people who are experts, and its backbone should be made up of politically engaged persons for whose actions the parties should be held responsible.