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Varna’s Planetarium Boasts Renovated Star Hall

The renovated star hall in the Varna Planetarium was opened Wednesday by the Mayor of the city Ivan Portnih and the director of the local observatory Svezhina Dimitrova. The BGN 40,000 renovation works were carried out with funds provided by the Municipality of Varna.  “This is a very long-awaited moment for Varna, for its citizens and for the whole of Bulgaria, because our Planetarium is visited by guests from all over the country and from over 30 countries,” said Svezhina Dimitrova. She thanked the mayor and the municipal administration for their support, and former minister of education Krassimir Valchev (2017-2021) for the creation of a programme for the renovation of planetariums in Bulgaria.  “I congratulate the whole team of the national astronomical observatory with the “Nicolaus Copernicus” planetarium which provides exceptional training for children in the field of astronomy, mathematics, natural sciences, and also befits the mission of Varna – City of Knowledge! It is wonderful that so many young people are interested in space, in missions to the Moon and the colonisation of Mars,” said Mayor Ivan Portnih. He added that he was ready to support any initiative related to the development of the observatory’s capabilities, including accepting to host the “Hello, Space! Bulgaria Calling” initiative of the Atlantic Club. 
In 2023, the Observatory will be hosting the “Observatory of the Galaxy” event. It will also celebrate 550 years since the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus, 55 years since its foundation, and 60 years since the establishment of the first astronomy club in Varna.