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Investigation Into Death of Bulgarian Border Police Officer Is At Advanced Stage, Turkish Court Is Yet to Rule

The investigation into the death of the Bulgarian border policeman Petar Bachvarov, who was shot at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, is in an advanced stage and a court ruling in Turkey is pending, Interior Ministry Secretary General Petar Todorov told journalists. He received the information in his meetings late last week with the Turkish authorities. Most likely, the sentence in the case will be served on Turkish territory, Todorov assumed.
The Border Police officer, Sergeant Petar Bachvarov, was killed on November 7 while patrolling the border with Turkiye, near the village of Golyam Dervent. Two days later, the Turkish authorities arrested two brothers, one of whom confessed to shooting at Bachvarov from Turkish territory through a chink in the border fence. Turkiye will build a monument to Bachvarov, it emerged during a visit by Bulgarian National Assembly Chair Vezhdi Rashidov earlier this week.
Todorov and part of the Interior Ministry’s leadership attended a ceremony in front of the Monument to Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, where flowers were laid on the occasion of the professional holiday of the Border Police.