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President Radev in New Year’s Eve Address: “I Strongly Hope Parliament’s Priorities Will Coincide with Those of the People”

In his traditional New Year’s address to the nation in national television in the final minutes of the outgoing year, President Rumen Radev said that he strongly hopes that in the new year the Bulgarian Parliament’s priorities will coincide with those of the people, while the political parties will take the responsibility for Bulgaria’s sustainable development in the long term. Until the formation of a regular government the caretaker cabinet will continue to fulfill “its duty to curb the energy crisis and inflation, to guarantee the security of the Bulgarians, for the modernisation and European integration of our country,” he added.
 Looking back at the outgoing year, he said it had been full of crises and challenges, and had put to test not only the economic and social stability, but also the ability of Bulgarian politicians to reach an agreement and stand side by side with the people. “A war devastating to Europe has broken out near us, and it continues to rage and intensify. The energy crisis and record inflation have hit every Bulgarian home. This year, too, natural disasters and another snap election have not passed us by, and the hope for political stability is postponed until the next one,” Radev went on to say.
In his words, it was in moments of trial, “when human life and our conscience were at stake”, that Bulgarians had shown empathy and spiritual strength, maturity and unity” and had revived the faith that Bulgaria would survive. Institutions and citizens had lent a helping hand to shelter those seeking refuge from the war in Ukraine, to put out wildfires and help the victims of the floodings in Karlovo, to find the lost Alexander, to support the cause of the health of Bulgarian children, he said.
On this night of celebration the President called on Bulgarians to remember that salvation does not lie in sparkling glasses nor is success determined by the fortunes found in the pieces of banitsa pastry. “The future lies in our united efforts, in the responsible position of each of us in every life and political choice,” he said.
The President noted that there are no unattainable goals where civic energy is invested not for the salvation of the individual but for the advancement of the entire nation, “where everyone can take pride in being part of the common success”. Thanking all those who fought for a better Bulgaria over the past year, Radev said that no one from the outside would care about Bulgaria’s progress, dignity and place in the sun, for the homeland and the children of Bulgaria. This is the concern, responsibility and moral duty of Bulgarians, the Head of State added.
Radev wished the New 2023 to bring peace and be welcomed with hope for the future. “Let us overcome apathy and division, because only united, with the strength and talent of the whole nation, we can build the Bulgaria that our children will stay in and be proud of,” he said and urged Bulgarians to thank all relatives and friends for their love and support. “Let us pay tribute to those who are at their workplace and at their post on this festive night,” the President added and made sure to mention “all compatriots in all parts of the world”.