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President Radev Mandates Nikolay Denkov of Continue the Change to Form Cabinet

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on Tuesday handed Continue the Change prime minister-designate Nikolay Denkov an exploratory mandate for the formation of a cabinet.
Continue the Change Party co-chairpersons Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev and Continue the Change Floor Leader Andrey Gurov. “You are receiving this exploratory mandate on the first working day of the new year, when we traditionally wish other good health, peace and prosperity, when we hope for and expect more reason, more dialogue and understanding, rallying behind the priorities that are important for our country,” the head of State said, handing the decree to the prime minister-designate.  “I do believe that you will use the forthcoming week to solicit the necessary support from the rest of the political forces, so that you will be back within seven days with a mandate fulfilled and a proposal for a Council of Ministers lineup,” Radev added. “We are convinced that we must do everything possible to form a cabinet during the present period. A lot of problems have built up, reforms have been delayed, and we need a government to unite people and address their problems,” Denkov said. 
He noted that he was receiving this mandate on behalf of Continue the Change, clearly aware that the task is exceedingly difficult. “During the holidays we formulated four national goals that, we believe, bring together people and the political entities representing them and to compile a list of activities that we are to carry out in 2023 so as to come near the attainment of these national goals and regain people’s trust that politicians work for them,” Denkov pointed out.
He specified that Democratic Bulgaria, BSP for Bulgaria and Bulgarian Rise joined the discussion of these goals and the activities for their attainment.
The goals will be included in a policy declaration that will be moved to Parliament in the form of a draft resolution. The idea is to seek support from the National Assembly for the national priorities and the activities for their implementation. As he put it, if the draft is backed by the majority, he will come back with a list of cabinet members, to be put to the vote after that. If the draft resolution fails to get approval from the majority of MPs, this would imply that the National Assembly does not back the attainment of these national goals, and Continue the Change will therefore have to return the mandate unfulfilled.
Denkov present to Radev a copy of the declaration.