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President Hopes that Cabinet-Forming Negotiations Will Not Distract Parliament from Law-making Focus

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev hopes that the talks on the formation of a cabinet will not distract Parliament from its law-making focus, the head of State’s Press Secretariat said on Monday after Continue the Change returned unfulfilled the second exploratory mandate.
At Radev’s meeting with the Continue the Change representatives, the sides discussed the parliamentary groups’ responsibility for the formation of a cabinet within the lifetime of the 48th National Assembly. The President pointed out that Parliament needs to pass laws that are essential for the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, as well as the anti-corruption law and the bill on the accountability of the prosecutor general, both of which are needed for this country’s efforts to join Schengen.
Continue the Change prime minister-designate Nikolay Denkov said earlier in the day: “We don’t have any red lines regarding the need to address the policies that are important for this country.” He commented that agreement could be reached on the policies that are useful for Bulgaria.
Denkov said that the President and Continue the Change concurred that Bulgaria needs a government to work for the benefit of people and the business. “Radev admitted that agreement could be reached with GERB-UDF, too, but on definite policies, say, a judicial reform,” Denkov added. “Whether we will come to terms on the judicial reform or not will depend on GERB’s idea of that reform,” he pointed out.
According to the PM-designate, a large part of the parliamentary parties are not prepared to engage in a discussion on what benefits Bulgaria.