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Albanians in North Macedonia Support Constitutional Changes that Would Include Bulgarians in Constitution

The challenges for the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania on their path to the EU were discussed in Tirana late Tuesday during a meeting between the leaders of the Albanian parties in North Macedonia and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, said Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the Democratic Union of Integration. The media outlets in Skopje quote him as saying that the two countries have a common future but also common challenges as they aspire to join the EU, and that “constitutional changes will strengthen the Macedonian identity – not harm it”.
Bulgaria wants to see the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia revised to include in it Bulgarians to make sure their rights are respected. It is a condition for Sofia’s support for Skopje’s progress towards EU accession.
Ahmeti also reportedly said that the standards of North Macedonia and Albania must be harmonized with those of the EU countries and that the two countries should make an effort to prevent an exodus of young people fromĀ  to the EU member states.
The leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravai, said that no Alliance party is opposed to the EU integration of the Republic of North Macedonia and all of them are supportive of changes in the Constitution that would add to it Bulgarians.
According to Menduh Thaci, leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians, nothing more specific was discussed at the Tirana meeting than the common future of the two countries in the EU.
The only Albanian leader not attending the meeting that was held on Rama’s initiative, was Bilall Kasami, the leader of the opposition Besa Movement, who said he was willing to meet with Rama but would not be at the same table with Ali Ahmeti.