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Continue the Change’s National Council Decides Not to Support BSP’s Third Mandate 

Continue the Change issued a press release late on Wednesday, saying that its National Council has decided only to support the national priorities from their pogramme declaration that overlap with the goals of a possible new regular government, if such is formed by the other parliamentary forces, and to refrain from supporting a government on the Bulgarian Socialist Party’s (BSP) mandate.
Earlier on Wednesday, BSP’s National Council mandated BSP for Bulgaria’s Parliamentary Group to negotiate the formation of a regular government with all parliamentary forces. BSP leader Korneliya Ninova said they will start with meetings with the leaders of other parties in the coming days. 
The short-lived new Parliament clearly showed that the Socialists, which are holders of the third government-forming mandate, can form a regular government together with the remaining political parties, together with which they elected the National Assembly Chair and worked in sync on key legislative initiatives, Continue the Change said.
The party said they believe they can reach consensus with BSP about social policies, given that a 3% budget deficit is guaranteed. “However, we see serious differences on matters related to the justice system reform and daft legislation pertaining to the Prosecutor General, the return of paper ballots through the Election Code amendments, joining the eurozone and the attitude towards the war in Ukraine,” Continue the Change said. 
“If we are invited to discussions with BSP, we will accept. We took part in talks about policies with all parties, because we believe that discussing policies about Bulgaria’s development is the only sensible way in this complicated political puzzle,” the party said.
Meanwhile, the signs given by almost all political parties in connection with the third mandate give rise to doubts if there are true intentions of forming a regular government, Continue the Change noted.   
The party further said that its National Council has mandated its leaders Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev to start discussions with Democratic Bulgaria, Spasi Sofia [Save Sofia] and all other formations that work for a prospering, just and European Bulgaria, in view of the possibility to join forces for the next local and general elections in this country. 

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