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Shackleton Mission Moors at Laurie Island, Heads for Ushuaia

The Shackleton Mission successfully moored at Laurie Island, the second largest of the South Orkney Islands in Antarctica, and is now headed for Ushuaia, at the southernmost tip of South America. The news was reported to BTA by the Bulgarian member of the crew, Stefan Ivanov. He is one of six people travelling on the Explorers Club-flagged row boat Mrs Chippy, led by Captain Fiann Paul.
The route was cut short due to extraordinary circumstances such as unmanageable winds and the evacuation of one of the rowers on the third day of the voyage. Ivanov is in excellent shape.
It took the crew six days to row 420 nautical miles (777 kilometres) in the Southern Ocean from King George Island to Laurie Island. “Our voyage meets all requirements of the Ocean Rowing Society and is categorized as a successfully completed polar rowing expedition,” Ivanov wrote in his message. He noted that the mission came as close to the historic expedition of Ernest Shackleton as can be, including by failing to reach the planned destination but having a greater adventure instead.