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Ohrid Prosecutor’s Office Charges Alleged Assailant with Causing Grievous Bodily Harm

The Prosecutor’s Office in Ohrid has opened proceedings against a 24-year-old man from Ohrid, suspected of causing grievous bodily harm, for the beating of Hristian Pendikov, secretary of the King Boris III Bulgarian Cultural Club in Ohrid.
The report reads: “On January 19, in a cafe in Ohrid, the suspect approached a table where a man was sitting, struck him on the head saying, ‘Shame on you for being Bulgarian’, and left. A few hours later, when the victim left the pub and walked to his car, the suspect, together with two other unknown persons, intercepted him and attacked him, inflicting severe blows to his head and body and endangering his life,”.
The Prosecutor’s Office has requested a remand in custody for the suspect.
The Interior Ministry reported that the three suspects who assaulted Pendikov on Thursday night have also been arrested. Pendikov is now in Bulgaria for treatment at the Military Medical Academy in Sofia.