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Two Bulgarian Artists Present “Exposition with Defiant Messages”

Homo Ludens: An Exposition with Defiant Messages is a project by Bulgarian artists Stavri Kalinov and Venko Madolev. It will be presented at the Millennium Art Gallery in Sofia, the organizers from the Diplomat Art Club said.
Beginning on January 25, visitors will be able to see 15 sculptures and 54 paintings and graphics by Kalinov and 10 graphics by Madolev. The exhibition will be opened by Anna and Vasil Banov, art patrons and managers of Millennium, and will be presented by culturologist Lyubomir Stoikov.
Stoikov says: “A quarter of a century ago, I described the art of the incredible Bulgarian sculptor and painter Stavri Kalinov as mesmerizing, mysterious and authentic […] Now I realize that the master has become even more mesmerizing, mysterious and authentic. He plays while creating and creates while playing. The daring and fairytale-like themes and motifs of his works, his mastery in using unconventional materials, and his boundless imagination have earned him the privilege of being one of the worthiest and most extraordinary Bulgarian artists. The exhibition Homo Ludens, in collaboration with Venko Madolev, is yet another proof of that.”