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Bulgarian Comedy Guest Performance in North Macedonia Cancelled 

The theatrical performance of Bulgarian writer and ethnographer Stefan L. Kostov’s comedy Vrazhalets [Soothsayer], which was planned to delight audiences in three cities in the Republic of North Macedonia in early February, has been cancelled. The guest performance, initiated and financed by the Bulgarian Memory Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was scheduled for February 1, 2 and 3 in Bitola, Stip and Strumica, the organisers recalled. 
In Thursday afternoon, within the space of several minutes, two notifications were received from the venues in Stip and Strumica about the unilateral termination of the contracts for the event due to technical problems on the territory of the theatres related to the electrical system, roof structure and heating, which do not allow the event to take place there, the Bulgarian Memory Foundation team said.
They also contacted the theatre in Bitola, where they did not receive a categorically positive answer that the performance could take place as planned. So, unfortunately, the Vrazhalets guest performance cannot take place in the Republic of North Macedonia at this stage, the team added.