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North Macedonia’s PM: Marking the Anniversary of Gotse Delchev Shouldn’t Be Used for Provocations to Harm Bilateral Relations with Bulgaria

Dimitar Kovacevski, Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, called for a dignified marking of Gotse Delchev’s birthday on February 4 and once again declared that “the Ministry of Interior and the government will make that possible”. “I want to turn to all those patriotic organizations etc. who want to use this event for provocations, just like in the past there were provocations from some individuals and groups, aimed only at disrupting the relations and the atmosphere in the country and the relations with the neighboring countries, to tell them to refrain themselves and not to use such events to create side effects in our society. The vast majority of our citizens want a dignified and peaceful celebration of Gotse Delchev’s birthday and the Ministry of Interior mustn’t and wouldn’t allow separate individuals and such groups to prevent this,” Kovacevski said.
He emphasized again that in accordance with the conclusions of the Security Council at President Stevo Pendarovski and in accordance with the decisions of the government, the Ministry of Interior is responsible for ensuring a peaceful and dignified marking of the birth anniversary of Gotse Delchev, and all legal procedures will be carried out to allow those who will offer flowers “through their registered delegations” to do so in the most dignified manner.