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VP Iotova: New Distribution of Constituency Seats Should Not Occasion Political Confrontation

The new distribution should not be another occasion for political confrontation, rather all should think about the demographic state of the country, Vice President Iliana Iotova responded to a question about the new distribution of seats in the multi-member constituencies in the snap parliamentary elections on April 2, the presidential press secretariat said. On Saturday Iotova visited the village of Ilindentsi, Strumyani municipality, where she was a guest at the 30th edition of the Festival of the Wine Gods.
For twenty-two months of instability in Bulgaria no one has mentioned the greatest problem, the demographic crisis. The return of active Bulgarians from abroad is a failure, while a recent survey showed that one in every four would emigrate. This is a terrible diagnosis for the state, the Vice President underscored.
A few days ago, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the new distribution of seats for the early parliamentary elections on  April 2, 2023, based on data from the last national census in September 2021.
Sofia’s 23rd multi-member constituency thus gets the highest increase of an additional 3 seats, while the 24th in Sofia and the 3rd in Varna, as well as the 16th in Plovdiv each get one additional multi-member constituency seat.