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Many Residents of Turkish City of Adana Spend Yet Another Night Outdoors

Many residents of Adana are spending yet another night outdoors. The city was impacted by the 7.7-magnitude earthquake in the early hours of Monday. 
Those whose homes were damaged by the earthquake have lit fires on Adana’s streets. Trucks were supplying firewood on Tuesday evening. Sandwiches and water were being supplied to those stranded outside, among whom were many children.
A few local residents, forced to spend the night outdoors, told BTA that the cold weather at night poses a huge problem. Meanwhile, the majority of the kept calm, despite the fact that some have lost contact with family and friends after the earthquake. 
People are trying not to lose hope that their missing relatives will be found. 
A young Turkish woman, who lost relatives in the earthquake, expressed her gratitude for the Bulgarian rescuers’ efforts to find people still trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. 
Oben, a young man from Adana, told BTA that the tremors lasted for a good 3.5 minutes. 
“It also started raining as we all ran outside. All kinds of objects started falling from the building. We ran into the street and it was very scary. My father was not feeling well and my mother got scared. We were all very scared. The roads were closed. Ambulances came and we helped the injured. It was really scary,” Oben said. 
According to the latest information, 146 people were killed by the earthquake in Adana, which is one of the least affected cities in southern Turkiye. 
The situation in Adana was mostly calm, despite the 11 collapsed residential buildings in the city, most of which were new. Many buildings have sustained serious damage, but their exact number is still to be determined. Cars parked outside have also sustained severe damage. 
The sound of ambulances resonated across the city throughout the day, while hearses could be seen in many places.