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Tourism Minister: In Tourism and Media the Fastest Wins All the Spoils

In the world of media and in the world of tourism, the fast eats the slow – if you are not on the map, you do not exist, caretaker Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov said at the opening of the BTA National Press Club in Samokov, Southwestern Bulgaria, on Wednesday. 
Dimitrov stressed that tourism is a key factor, especially if it is year-round, in keeping people in this town. “For me, as Tourism Minister, there is nothing better than producing news here, and not just any news, but real news,” he added. He complimented BTA Director General Kiril Valchev on his perseverance and on being an “advocate of real news”.
In the three years he has known Valchev, Dimitrov has held several positions, “but you have always been by my side and supported tourism – this is very important”, he told BTA’s Director General.
The Tourism Minister conferred the Golden Rose Award on Kiril Valchev and BTA for their contribution to the sustainable development of tourism, raising awareness and setting a high standard of quality journalism and commitment to promote destination Bulgaria.