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Foreign Ministry Issues Position on Lukov March in 2023

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry issued a position against the planned holding of the so-called Lukov March, the Ministry said on Tuesday. [Lukov March is torchlit procession which has been taking place annually in February since 2003 to mark the anniversary of General Hristo Lukov’s execution-style murder by two Communist militants. Lukov (1888-1943) was a popular military commander but was also known for his close links to the Third Reich and his activity as leader of the far-right Union of Bulgarian National Legions.]
Such manifestations are incompatible with the values and customs of the Bulgarian society, create disunity, cause intolerance and harm the country, the position reads. The streets of the Bulgarian capital cannot be a stage for international extremism.
Welcoming the efforts of the Bulgarian institutions to counter discrimination, intolerance and hatred, the Foreign Ministry calls for taking all the necessary actions, within the legal framework, to prevent Lukov March from taking place in 2023 as well.
The Foreign Ministry stresses in its position that it will continue to oppose any attempt to instill hatred and division in Bulgarian society, and to damage the international image of the Republic of Bulgaria.