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Tourism Minister Dimitrov Predicts Increase in Tourists during Winter and Summer Seasons

Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov predicted an increase in tourists both in the winter and in the summer season. The tourism exhibitions in Serbia and Romania, which are currently taking place, also contribute to the promotion of Bulgaria as a destination, the Minister told journalists in Yambol, where he attended the opening of the 24th Kukerlandia International Masquerade Festival. “We are already talking about growth, not recovery. Interest in Bulgaria is growing. The winter season is going very well, even the warmer weather didn’t stop it. According to preliminary data, we are exceeding the levels of 2019. I hope that it will cool down a bit so that there will be snow for a longer time. Expectations for this summer season are also very high. I am convinced that we will surpass the levels of 2019 and we will no longer talk about recovery, but about growth,” said Minister Dimitrov.
At the tourism exhibition in Serbia, the Minister met with his Serbian counterpart Husein Memic. Dimitrov ¬†received the assurance of Memic that he will support Bulgaria’s candidacy for membership in the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization to the United Nations for the period 2023-2027.