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Italy’s Michele Gazzoli Wins Second Half Stage in Cycling Tour of Bulgaria, Gabriel Grozev Ranks 15th

Gabriel Grozev ranked first among the Bulgarian cyclists, finishing 15th in the second half stage from Pirdop to Troyan in the 70th International Cycling Tour of Bulgaria.
The race was won by Italian Michele Gazzoli of the Astana team, with Czech Tomas Jakoubek finishing second and Felix Stehli third.
In the final ranking for the whole stage from Sofia to Troyan the winner is Tomas Jakoubek, who will start on Monday with the yellow jersey in the stage from Troyan to Kazanlak.
The white jersey with red points was worn by Yordan Petrov from the Hemus Troyan team as the best climber so far.
The green jersey for the most active rider was given to Zsolt Istlstekker from team Epronex.
The white jersey was awarded to Luca Jenni.
The second half-stage from Pirdop to Troyan is 89 km long. 
This year’s edition of the Tour of Bulgaria was opened in Sofia on Saturday. Participating are over 100 bicycle riders from 28 countries divided into 21 teams. By Thursday, they will have covered some 700 km from Sofia to Shoumen at four stages and two half-stages.