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Turkiye Vows to Persist in Its “Rational and Effective Foreign Policy Rooted in Moral Values”

In a New Year’s message shared on social media on December 31, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said his country will persist in its “rational and effective foreign policy rooted in moral values” throughout 2024, the Anadolu Agency reported. “During this period when the international system involves uncertainties and global stability is at stake, our Turkiye-centric independent foreign policy carried out under the leadership of our president has transformed our country into a significant actor shaping the international agenda and exerting influence in critical regions,” Fidan said in a video message on X.
The minister pledged that Turkiye will not give up raising its voice against global injustices and wrongs and will never hesitate to defend the truth. “We will further increase the depth and dimensions of our independent and national foreign policy that we follow within the framework of our Century of Turkiye vision,” Fidan said.