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Vazrazhdane to Submit Parliamentary Query to PM about Implementation of Dublin Regulation

The nationalist party Vazrazhdane will submit a parliamentary query to the Prime Minister about the exact number of illegal migrants received by individual EU Member States under the Dublin Regulation, Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov said during a press conference in the Black Sea city of Varna on Tuesday. In his words, the Council of Ministers’ press service is spreading disinformation about Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area. “The Dublin Regulation is stillborn and does not work,” Kostadinov said, adding that if Bulgaria starts complying with its requirements, it will be the only country in the European Union to do so. He argued that the only thing that can save Bulgaria from being inundated by migrants is the fact that the Regulation expires at the end of March. “Meanwhile, no one in government is talking about the fact that a pact on migration in Europe is being prepared as a supposed successor to the Dublin Regulation,” Kostadinov added. He noted that the aim of the new document is to have migrants distributed in solidarity among EU Member States. “Up until now, Bulgarian governments have refused to accept migrants, but we have information that the current one has been ordered to start doing so,” Kostadinov said.
In his words, the Cabinet’s actions pose a risk of Bulgaria turning into “Europe’s largest refugee camp”. The Vazrazhdane leader added that the upcoming European elections are the only option to resolve the problem with migrants.