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Only Tumulus in Augusta Traiana’s Southwestern Necropolis to Be Studied and Documented

An ancient tumulus (2nd-3rd century) in the town of Stara Zagora will see exploration, documentation and emergency restoration in the coming months, BTA learned from Regional History Museum Director Petar Kalchev.
The project will use a technology cleared by the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage and will start as soon as the weather warms up, the historian said. Ivan Vanev from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Art Studies, will head the team.
The museum director said the project is the first phase of turning the tumulus into yet another tourist attraction of Stara Zagora. All the premises around the mound will be cleaned and lighting will be installed. After the initial conservation and restoration, an exhibition will be staged to show this necropolis of Augusta Traiana (today’s Stara Zagora).
The tumulus was found during rescue archaeological excavations in 1976 directed by Krasimir Kalchev.
This is the only burial mound found so far in the Southwestern Necropolis. Once the slabs were lifted from the floor, an earlier burial chamber was discovered in the eastern part.
The project is worth nearly BGN 36,000, provided by the Culture Ministry. It is expected to be completed by June or July.
The project involves a specialized photographic survey, which is expected to confirm reports on the presence of inscriptions in Ancient Greek on the walls of the burial chamber.