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Charta Gallery to Host ARTisNUDE, Svetlan Simov’s First Solo Photo Exhibition

Sofia’s Charta Gallery will host an exhibition by photographer Svetlan Simov entitled ARTisNUDE. The event will be open for visitors between January 7 and 21, the organizers said.
Simov’s photographs have been featured in Nude Magazine published in the Netherlands. This is his first solo exhibition. “It has taken him more than ten years to dare to expose his nude works to the public, as his attention to detail and dedication in conceptualizing his photographic projects are beyond any notion of the norm. Fine-tuning every millimetre of the images with such precision and love makes the nude female body in Svetlan’s shots an absolute masterpiece,” said the organizers.
Simov said that his art helps him to escape reality. “I search for the beautiful in an increasingly less beautiful world. I just see enough ugly things every day, and I want to escape them through photography,” he added.
Simov lives in Sofia. He spent about ten years flying to photograph aviation scenes. His portfolio includes sports, studio, fashion, portrait and nude photography.