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Today’s Observances:January 13-14

– Day of Film-Makers.
On this date in Bulgarian history: 
1880: Order of Valour instituted by decree of Prince Alexander I Battenberg. This first Bulgarian distinction, which has four classes, is awarded only in wartime.
1899: Danube Fleet and Marine Force are united to form Bulgarian Navy, headquartered in Varna.
1899: First Bulgarian motion picture “Bulgaran Is a Gallant”, is screened.
1940: Region along Ropotamo River designated as a reserve.
1972: Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv inaugurated.
1972: Diplomatic relations with Pakistan, established on June 15, 1965, severed. Restored on March 29, 1972.
1992: St Stephen Foundation established with the purpose of preserving and restoring the Bulgarian cultural monuments in Istanbul and Edirne, Turkey.
1992: Bulgaria recognizes independence of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.
1994: BBC Radio’s first information centre outside UK opens in Sofia.
January 14
– Roma Christians in Bulgaria celebrate Bango Vassil (New Year).  
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1835: Bulgaria’s first secular school using monitorial (also called Lancasterian) system opens in Gabrovo (Central Bulgaria) on Vassil Aprilov’s initiative.
1873: Prominent revolutionary Vassil Levski sentenced to death.
1878: Pazardjik (South Central Bulgaria) is liberated from Ottoman rule during 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War.
1901: First tram service launched in Sofia, marking start of electric transport in Bulgaria.    
1964: Diplomatic relations with Sweden are upgraded to embassy status (established on June 6, 1914 at legation level).
1994: Diplomatic relations are established with Guatemala.
2005: The National Assembly ratifies the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Community and the Republic of  Bulgaria on Bulgaria’s Participation in the Safer Internet Programme.
2008: The National Assembly authorizes the commitment of a Bulgarian military contingent of up to 155 service members to continue the country’s participation in the humanitarian mission for perimeter security of the Multi-National Force – Iraq Temporary Interview and Protection Facility (TIPF) northeast of Baghdad.