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Polish Artist Marcin Bialas Sets Up Exhibition “Defragmentation 1.0” in Sofia

Defragmentation 1.0 is the title of Marcin Bialas’ exhibition. It will be on display from January 25 to February 21 at the Academy Gallery in Sofia, the National Academy of Arts (NAA) reports.
The graphics presented in the exhibition are selected works by Bialas, realized in the last twenty years, all of them are executed in the graphic technique of intaglio printing. “The earliest works in the exhibition are part of his Master’s thesis project, others were created a few years after it,” the release says. “The graphic interpretations of urban infrastructure are inspired by the city of Katowice and are intended to create alternative places in a parallel world,” the artist says.
Marcin Biallas is a Polish painter, graphic designer, and teacher. In 2004 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. Since 2020 he has been appointed as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts there.
He has had several solo graphic art exhibitions in Poland, Canada, Romania, Germany, Ireland, Belarus, France, Iran, Belgium, and Hungary. Since 2003, he has been actively participating in plein air workshops, artist residencies and graphic arts festivals in Poland and abroad.