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Portuguese Poetry Book to Be Press-Launched in Sofia, January 26

A book of contemporary Portuguese poetry entitled Veche Chuh Tishinata [I Already Heard the Silence] and translated into Bulgarian by Tsocho Boyadzhiev and Maria Georgieva will be presented by the translators in Sofia’s Mladezhki Theatre on January 26, the organizers said. The book includes works by Maria do Rosario Pedreira, Pedro Mexia and Manuel de Freitas.
Veche Chuh Tishinata is a sequel to the anthology V Tazhnite Dni Ne Govorim za Ptitsi [In Sad Days We Don’t Talk about Birds], which was also dedicated to contemporary Portuguese poetry.
Maria do Rosario Pedreira is a poet laureate, publisher and author of young adult literature.
Pedro Mexia collaborates as a literary critic to specialized cultural publications. He participates in television programmes on contemporary Portuguese literature.
Manuel de Freitas is a writer, literary critic and magazine publisher.