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PM Denkov on 204 Budget, Wages

“The 2024 budget is a budget for the people and for a strong economy. It brings us closer to the euro and to the European way of living because we can show financial responsibility without doing so at the expense of people and business,” Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting on Thursday.
He added that a decree on the implementation of the 2024 budget is to be adopted at the meeting to set the rules by which ministries, government institutions and municipalities will be able to translate their policies into practice.
The national monthly minimum wage has been increased by nearly 20% to BGN 933. The salaries in the state administration will be adjusted, too, by the end of February, and the rise will apply effective January 1, 2024, the PM pointed out. The social welfare package has been substantially increased by raising the poverty line and allocating more funds for child protection and support, he recalled.