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Deputy PM Gabriel: Human Trafficking Denies Achievements of Democratic Societies

Human trafficking is a serious crime, a crime against the individual, personal freedom and dignity. It denies the achievements of democratic societies, said Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel. She was addressing a national conference on the prevention and combating of human trafficking on Friday.    
“For me and my team prevention and combating of human trafficking is not an ordinary challenge. It is a possibility to show that Bulgaria contributes significantly and decisively to fight against human trafficking,” said Gabriel. 
Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov said: “Only by working together can we identify the challenges and outline the necessary measures to achieve sustainable solutions in the fight against human trafficking.   In recent decades, we have witnessed deepening crises – economic, military, environmental, demographic. This has led to an increase in cases of human trafficking, and the ways in which this crime is committed are becoming increasingly diverse, requiring a swift and adequate institutional response.”