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Trend Survey Finds Most Bulgarians Do Not Expect Great Change in Governance after Rotation in March

The Trend Research Centre found in a survey that 56% of Bulgarians do not expect the rotation between Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel in March to lead to great changes in governance. The survey was commissioned by the 24 Chasa daily and drew comparisons with November 2023.
The survey looked into the Bulgarians’ attitudes towards the key institutions, parties and current matters. It was held between January 17 and 24 through a direct semi-standardized face-to-face interview among 1,016 people aged 18 or over.
Roughly equal shares of respondents expect better governance after the rotation (15%) or worse governance (16%).
The respondents’ positive attitude to the key institutions remains low. Parliament trails the table with 15%. The cabinet is backed by 22% of respondents. The sympathizers of Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) firmly support the Denkov cabinet. Four out of 10 GERB sympathizers back the government but the majority do not. About one in three sympathizers of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) approve the government’s performance.
The President’s performance met with 36% approval and 52% disapproval.
Support for the main political players remained unchanged from November. If parliamentary elections were held now, GERB would be supported by 24.8% of people who vote, followed by CC-DB with 17.8%, Vazrazhdane 14.6%, MRF 13.8% and the Bulgarian Socialist Party 9.6%. There Is Such a People would be close to the 4% electoral threshold with 4.8%, and 7% would opt for None Of the Above.
In January, 34% of respondents said they wanted early parliamentary elections, compared with 30% in November 2023. Early elections are unnecessary according to 42%.
Nearly half of respondents, 46%, said they were not familiar with details of the amendments to the Constitution adopted in late December. A mere 17% approve them. This is true of nearly half of GERB and CC-DB supporters and one in five of MRF supporters. The Trend Centre found that 30% do not approve of the amendments.