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GERB-UDF: Attempts to Falsify History Continue, They Are Disgraceful for EU Member State

On the Day of Homage to the Victims of the Communist Regime, February 1, parliamentary party GERB-UDF said in a declaration that attempts to falsify history continue to be made, which is disgraceful for one member state of the European Union. At the beginning of Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, MPs stood up to observe a minute of silence in honour of the victims of the communist regime. “Throughout the 34 years of the transition, the Bulgarian Communist Party – Bulgarian Socialist Party did not apologize, and in this case did not come out and repent for the atrocities of the communist regime, for the death camps, for the lost lives and destinies, for the shameful revival process. Moreover, the attempts to distort, neglect and falsify our history in this dark period continue. These attempts are a disgrace in an EU Member State that has accepted the values of the democratic world and condemned the regime as criminal by a law passed in the 37th National Assembly,” GERB-UDF MP Rumen Hristov said on behalf of the GERB-SDS group.
On February 1, 1945, three regents, 22 ministers of five governments (in office between February 11, 1940 and September 8, 1944), 8 royal advisers, 67 MPs of the 25th Ordinary National Assembly and 47 senior military officers were executed at Sofia’s Central Cemetery after being sentenced to death earlier that day by the People’s Court.  
For the democratic community in Bulgaria, February 1 symbolizes the criminal nature of the communist regime, imposed with the help of the occupying Red Army, which cost Bulgaria over BGN 130 billion and cut the country off from the free world for half a century, Hristov said. “We will not forget the massacred and we will always honour their memory, not only on February 1,” Hristov said. 
Responding to a declaration by Vazrazhdane, in which party leader Kostadin Kostadinov called for a day commemorating national reconciliation, Hristov said that August 23 is a Day of Tribute to the victims of all regimes, including the Nazi regime.