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Painter Yavor Boyanov Provides Shocking and Teasing Perspective on People’s Obsession with the Physical

Paintings by Yavor Boyanov will be on display at the Depoo art gallery in Sofia from February 16 to March 2. The exhibition, dubbed The Flesh, or the Absurd Existence of the Unconscious Pieces of Meat, provides “both a shocking and teasing perspective on people’s obsession with the physical and the ephemeral”, the artist says.
He goes on to explain: “By combining absurdist humour and body-horror-inspired aesthetics, I am creating a series of works employing various techniques, with flesh being the main character – shapeless pieces of meat, a metaphor for today’s robotized human being who is drifting farther and farther away from his spiritual nature and living in the illusion of his physical significance. Unconscious, intoxicated with their own selves and having abandoned all values, overwhelmed by fleeting pleasures or blindly adhering to militant ideologies, these peculiar antiheroes have turned their existence into a permanent physical nightmare deprived of all meaning. They are just organic shells with no content inside, useless remnants of former human beings.”
Boyanov uses satire and grotesque to communicate his view about the human condition and to challenge viewers to rethink their role in the world and awaken their real selves.
Yavor Boyanov was born in Sliven, Southeastern Bulgaria in 1985. He has 12 one-artist exhibitions on his record. He lives and works in Sofia.