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Vader Adds Sofia to Tour Celebrating Their 40th Anniversary

Death metal band Vader added Sofia to their 40 Years Of The Apocalypse tour. The event will take place at the Mixtape 5 club on June 23, BGTSC, organizers of the concert, said.
Greek trash metal band Bio-Cancer and French death metal band Warsidе will be opening for Vader in Sofia.
Vader is a Polish heavy metal band, considered one of the leading death metal bands since the mid-90s. Formed in 1983, Vader originally started as a heavy metal/speed metal band, then moved up to thrash metal before settling down to a unique death metal style of their own.
Over the years, many members have passed through the band, with the only one who has remained since its inception being guitarist and vocalist Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek. Vader has 12 albums.