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Exhibition by Italian Artist Paolo Vivian to Be Displayed in Sofia

An exhibition of Italian artist Paolo Vivian will be displayed at Sofia’s Nostgallery. The Mare Nostrum exhibition, curated by Dora Bulart, can be seen from February 15 to March 15, the gallery said here on Wednesday. “The exhibition presents a poetic symbolist perspective on migration problems in the 21st century, provoked by wars, disasters, or in search of a more meaningful economic life,” it added.
The gallery noted that the artist, known for his research on the metamorphosis of collective memory, offers the Bulgarian audience “a hypnotic journey exploring the questions of existence and values in the life of modern man”.
Vivian is known to the Bulgarian public – he has presented his art in solo exhibitions and in international projects in Sofia and Varna, with the partnership of the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia. He was one of the artistic directors of the Contempo Festival in Varna. Together with another Italian artist, Stefano Cagol, he took part in projects of the American curator Raul Zamudio at the Bulart Gallery in Varna.
His works are displayed in contemporary art museum collections in China, Austria, Bulgaria and Italy. Vivian has won numerous contemporary art awards in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany. He lives and works in Trentino, Italy.